Matcha & Chia Night Hydration Mask with Travel Kit with Furoshiki (Limited)

  • $30.00

Our signature 4 key ingredients (matcha, chia seed, quinoa, and acai) work with skin-thirst-quenching squalane to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate your skin. Apply this intensive moisturizing mask overnight and wake up to plump, soft, glowing skin. This mask will give your skin a major boost in antioxidants, boosting the regeneration process and helping to fight early signs of aging.

How to use Apply a moderate amount (1.5 inch droplet size) on the face after night skin care routine and leave it on while sleeping. Wash it off in the morning

Key Benefit
- Leave-on night mask
- Special skincare
- Intensively moisturizing

100G / 3.52 FL.OZ