Matcha & Chia Essence Lotion

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With antioxidant-rich matcha green tea and three other powerful superfoods (acai, chia seed, and quinoa), this essence lotion softens and rehydrates the top layer of dry skin cells, delivering powerful antioxidants to the vital layers of your skin. Brightening acai helps enliven the complexion as quinoa balances oil and prevent clogged pores.

How to use  After cleansing your face, dispense a quarter-sized amount of essence into your palms and press evenly into the face and neck. Follow with serum and moisturizer.


200ML / 6.7FL.OZ

Customer Reviews

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Great for dry skin

This essence lotion makes my day anytime from am to pm! In the morning, a couple of beautiful dewy drops rejuvenate my skin and get it ready for makeup. In the midday, whenever need an extra hydration or after sunburn, this lotion is the lifesaver. And at night, just add serum and cream after this essence lotion then my skin keeps hydrating till the morning. I am truly happy with this product!

Great lotion!

I've never used any thick type lotion like this! The best part is this lotion absorbs instantly and yet is very lightweight. After applying this, my skin looks dewy and glowing with hydration. I also love the ingredients that replenish and protect skin from free radicals. Definitely works for me!

Relaxing scent

I like that this lotion has a subtle and natural scent which is not too strong at all and it's perfect for summer season. CA summer is pretty dry, so this lotion works perfect on my skin as it hydrates enough without heavy and sticky feelings.

It's a game changer!

Wow, my skin feels really smoother and very refreshing. I love the ingredients especially eco-cert organic matcha and chia! Gentle on the skin but it really works, my skin is glowing everyday since I started using this!

I love this lotion!

I've been using this lotion for quite a while and it works great on my dry skin. I used to live in a very humid place in Asia and my skin got used to a humid environment. Since I moved to the US, my skin has got super dry. I always got lotions in Asia and brought them back to the US as I couldn't find good moisturizing lotions here. When I found out that I could get this essence lotion online here, I was so happy about it. This essence lotion keeps my skin moisturized and soft. The texture is light, so my skin doesn't get glossy or oily at all. I recommend this lotion to those who don't have dry skin too.