At Kitao Cosmetics, Co., Ltd, we have been committed to the cosmetic manufacturing and sales business for over 100 years, since 1919. We started with developing, manufacturing and selling our own branded cosmetic products. Then we developed our business venture in the OEM business, as well as the import and sales of cosmetic products.

Our team had worked on developing new matcha skincare line for several years and always wanted to create a brand that combines American's high-demand of matcha with the traditions of J-Beauty. And Kitao Matcha was finally born after the several years of process and experiments. it was a great celebration for us to have this new brand launched in the US markets in our 100th anniversary year.

We never stop pursuing to innovate new products by thriving to be creative. We promise our best contribution to our customers and society.

Kazuhiro Kawabata

President and CEO