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As many people know, matcha is a green tea that originated in Japan. But there are 2 types of green tea and both are very common nowadays; "matcha" and "sencha". When you say "green tea", it normally calls "sencha", and you may drink it with tea bags or bottled beverages. To clarify what matcha is, which Kitao uses as a main ingredient, here is the difference between "matcha" and "sencha".

Sencha tea is grown in the sun. The leaves will be steamed right after cultivation, and will be evaporated gradually by adding heat after multiple kneading processes. Matcha is grown in the shade on the other hand. It will be steamed after cultivation, letting dried naturally without kneading, then will be ground gently with millstone. Due to this cultivation method, matcha naturally contains various ingredients.

Thank to many studies reported nowadays, matcha is known as a superfood that delivers strong antioxidants and abilities of purification and anti-inflammatory by its ingredients such as Polyphenol and Vitamin C. It also has anti-bacterial and deodorant agents that encourage anti-aging and help tighten pores.


"宇治茶 (Uji-Cha)"  Matcha from Uji, KYOTO JAPAN

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KITAO MATHCA skincare series proudly uses only ECOCERT certified organic matcha only that has been harvested in Uji, Kyoto Japan where its matcha cultivation begun at the beginning of the 13th century. 

As the tea ceremony event had become a trend, Uji Matcha has become known as the premium grade gift in the middle of the 14th century. 

In the 16th century, the original tea cultivation method so called "Shita-Saibai (harvesting tea leaves in the shade) " was developed in Uji, and this method brought the matcha that we know with vivid, dark green color.

Our partnered harvest who has been inheriting the Uji matcha culture makes their every effort on organic, pesticide-free cultivation over 350 years