Matcha & Chia Night Hydration Mask

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Our signature 4 key ingredients (matcha, chia seed, quinoa, and acai) work with skin-thirst-quenching squalane to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate your skin. Apply this intensive moisturizing mask overnight and wake up to plump, soft, glowing skin. This mask will give your skin a major boost in antioxidants, boosting the regeneration process and helping to fight early signs of aging.

How to use Apply a moderate amount (1.5 inch droplet size) on the face after night skin care routine and leave it on while sleeping. Wash it off in the morning

Key Benefit
- Leave-on night mask
- Special skincare
- Intensively moisturizing

100G / 3.52 FL.OZ

Customer Reviews

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Colleen Huynh
Great overnight mask!

This mask is a lifesaver! This completes my night skincare routine . By morning my skin feels so soft and smooth. Using this, I've noticed my skin is more moisturized then ever and my skin is looking smoother! This mask is recommended for all skin types and this is one of my favorites!

Danielle Sullivan
Beautiful overnight mask

I’m a big fan of sleeping masks and this one is fabulous.I love the texture as I have quite oily skin and hate heavy feeling creams. When I wake up and my skin is glowy and soft! I love that it isn’t overly greasy since I put it on before bed and I don’t like feeling like product is getting all over my pillow. I would definitely recommend this product and it’s one of my favorites from the line.

It does hydrate, repair and rejuvenate my skin

This mask makes my skin super moist and smooth. I use the mask daily and when my skin gets dry and tired under the sun, I apply it thicker than usual. Then I can feel that my skin heals and recovers the next morning. I like this mask because it doesn't need to be washed off or removed, but I can keep it while sleeping. Very convenient and effective.

Super light wear

I've been using different brand night mask for a while and I was satisfied with it before I tried KITAO MATCHA Night Mask... This mask is not oily or sticky at all, but you have more than enough plump in the morning! It gives you enough hydration and moisture for regular basis. Very happy for the result. Amazing how light it is and highly recommended to all skin types!

Completes my night skincare!

'm always surprised when I can see an immediate change in my skin after using a product and this is it! This mask is a lifesaver. Woke up after one night’s use and my face felt SO smooth and hydrated. I've been using Kitao Matcha & Chia lotion for a while and this night mask completes my night skincare routine! I apply enough amount of the lotion, followed by this mask, and my skin still hydrates in the morning. I’m hooked!!