Preventing Maskne

Many of us are starting to see business open up and masks coming off for the vaccinated. For those of you about to bare your face to the world for the first time in a while, let’s talk about maskne.

Acne caused by mask wearing, or maskne, is a small price to pay for the protection a mask gives us. However, the trapped bacteria, higher humidity, and sweat can lead to more breakouts underneath the mask.

How to help? First of all, using great skincare that is simple, clean, and gentle is your first line of defense for healing the skin and preventing breakouts. Double cleanse and gently exfoliate the built up dead skin cells with our Cleansing Cream and Enzyme Powder, then moisturize without irritating the skin further with our Essence Lotion and Hydrating Cream. Good skincare is more important than ever!

Also, make sure you are keeping your mask clean and changing it daily, only touch your mask with clean hands, and take a break from your mask every few hours if it is safe to do so.