What is "Mochi Skin"?

Are you familiar with "Mochi Skin"? In Japan, we call skin that is smooth, soft, plump, hydrated, and without wrinkles "Mochi Skin". But what is mochi? Our inspiration for beautiful skin comes from the smooth texture and bouncy surface of one of Japan’s most loved desserts.

Mochi goes back over a thousand years and is a sticky rice dough. It is eaten all year, but is especially popular for the New Year because it symbolizes good fortune! The trendy mochi you see on instagram are mochi pounded down into sheets and then used to wrap little balls of ice cream. Adorable, beautiful, and super addictive! Our favorite flavor? Green tea, of course!

So grab yourself a few mochi to enjoy, and use Kitao for mochi skin!

What is your favorite flavor?